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Camilla Rhodes Gets Face Fucked

No connection to Randy Rhodes, but when it comes to being on the road too long this bitch takes the cake. Just turing into a "Porn Star" at 32 ripe old years. There is something to be said about broads reaching their sexual peak at 30, 'cause this chick was very lustful and loved this shit. As far as women reaching their sexual peak, I believe it's more a time of realizing their sexual light is dimming. So they start to really go after getting some while the getting is still good. This broad looked at Harker like she was famished and he was a leg of lamb. Harker looked at her with disgust, and gave her a slap to her Eastern European mouth. Then the games began. Camilla the Cock Clown was a three holed Circus, each hole was pounded. This is a different type of film cause Camilla had no innocence to speak of, and was living in the moment enjoying every blow, and poke to her. A true submissive, and gave her all. If she was 10 years younger and a tad bit pretty, the world would know her as a top performer, but that's not the case. It is an all around great scene... Enjoy.

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